At Walled Networks we offer our clients enterprise class facilities and services for any infrastructure requirements. With a philosophy of practice that security is paramount to our customers, we work with each client to develop the correct solution, whether it is for colocation, dedicated hosting, managed services, or building out your own secure intranet and online applications.

We understand that our client's environments must be secure, reliable, and available 7 by 24. To further ensure this, we offer a suite of value added services that are essential for most companies.

Monitoring - Whether we are paged or your technical staff is, you will know what the state of your systems, sites and infrastructure are through the use of our distributed network management systems. 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Service Auditing - Scheduled either weekly, monthly, or right now, Walled Networks staff supplies our clients with a list of network and systems security concerns and related supporting information.

Firewall - Do you require additional security? We are happy to offer our clients the benefits of expertly configured firewalls to help ensure the integrity of their environments.

Intranet - Concerned about your intranet security? Building out and need to make sure? Walled Networks provides certified expertise in network architecture and security.

Online Applications - Online applications solidfy your customer base and empower your employees. Solid application architecting and development by Walled Networks can provide your ogranization with the tools and capabilities that have security as a fundamental element of design.